Vintage engine rebuilt by Active Engines

Active Engines has a long, successful history in the vintage/antique engine rebuilding field. Active has worked on all types of engine restoration projects since the inception of the company: cars and trucks, domestic and import, and all types of makes and models.

Vintage projects tend to be unique, since the vintage field serves enthusiasts with a wide range of interests. Some customers restore vehicles simply out of joy of ownership. Some like to exhibit their cars, and may, for example, participate in concours events. Others intend to race their vehicles in events hosted by organizations such as the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA).

Regardless, for the vintage enthusiast restorations are all about authenticity and detail. Of particular interest, Active Engines can provide:

  • Engine repair and rebuilding, compliant with eligibility standards for various vintage events.
  • Parts fabrication/duplication.
  • Diagnostics and testing services such as chassis and engine dyno testing and flow bench work.

Engine Restoration

Each engine rebuilding project receives the royal treatment for which Active Engines has become well-known:

  • Active will develop a specialized engine design, tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • Active performs the machining, assembly and testing in-house, ensuring that each engine receives end-to-end personal attention.
  • When building your engine, Active applies rigorous quality standards, blueprinting throughout.
  • (To learn more about how we rebuild engines, see our video Rebuild Engines with Blue Printing.)

Active Engines has proven its ability in the vintage field, as evidenced through various honours. For example, Active Engines served as the featured engine rebuilder for TV shows like Classic Car Restoration, Dream Car Garage, and Sports Car Revolution.

Additionally, Active Engines has enjoyed long-standing relationships with renowned restoration specialists, serving as the engine rebuilder for companies like Legendary Motor Car and Stingray Corvette for more than 30 years.

Please contact Active Engines to discuss your project. Also, please check out our engines packages. (Engine packages provide a base design for common engine types.) A visit to our engine photo gallery may inspire you as well.

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