Active is an authorized parts dealer for many companies

Active Engines is an authorized warehouse distributer for a broad range of automative, marine and diesel parts and components. Some of these are:

  • ARP fasteners
  • Callies crankshaft products
  • Peterson or Razor dry sump systems
  • Jones racing components
  • Eagle specialty cranks, rods, etc.
  • Scatt cranks products
  • Moldex cranks products
  • Jessel belt systems
  • Cloyes timing gear sets
  • Compcams valve train components
  • T-D rocker arm systems
  • Jessel valve train components
  • Xceldyne CV products
  • Delwest titanium valves
  • ATI balancers
  • BRP rods
  • Compstar rods
  • Diamond pistons, rings, and pins
  • Air flow research cylinder head products
  • World products blocks, heads, etc.
  • Dart blocks and cylinder heads
  • Pro Charger products
  • Felpro gaskets and sealing products
  • Speed Pro products
  • MSD ignition products
  • Mercruiser products

Because Active Engines buys a tremendous amount of parts, we can usually save you money on almost any part. Call us with your part number, and we can price check for you. Also, Active Engines will custom order on request.