Active Engines works with a wide variety of customers who are looking for quality engine machining:

  • High performance enthusiasts for racing, vintage and marine engines.
  • Individuals looking for assistance with everyday-use vehicles.
  • Auto dealerships, for example, Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda, Volkswagon, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Honda, Ford and GM.
  • Companies relying on heavy-duty diesel engines, for example, Nortrax.
  • Mercruiser Engine. (Active has been the Mercruiser engine builder for Canada since 1979.)

Active Engines services local customers from the Mississauga and Greater Toronto area, as well as customers who are out-of-province, or from the United States.

Here is a collection of some higher profile customers:

Mercury Marine TV show Dream Car Garage Legendary Motor Car
Stingray Auto

Performance Car Restorations
RM Auctions, Sotheby's