Wayne Kerley Timing Cams for a 1942 Alfa Romeo

From the racing enthusiast to the person looking to fix his everyday vehicle, Active Engines has the expertise to assist you:

  • Active Engines has more than 30 years experience in the motor sport industry, both automotive and marine.
  • Active Engines is a custom engine building shop. This means:
    • Active will develop a specialized engine design, tailored to meet your individual needs.
    • Active Engines does not operate on an assembly-line, mass-production basis. Active performs the machining, assembly and testing in-house, ensuring that each engine receives end-to-end personal attention.
    • When building your engine, Active applies rigorous quality standards, blueprinting throughout. (Blueprinting means Active tests component parts at assembly to ensure they are delivering or exceeding the performance specified by the manufacturer.)

Licensed, well-trained staff

  • Active Engines employs experienced, licensed machinists, and ensures that staff members are well-trained.
  • Active Engines uses premium parts in their engines.
  • Active Engines uses modern equipment that provides more accurate results for customers. For example, Active Engines has the largest computerized chassis and engine dyno facilities in Canada.
  • Active Engines is passionate about engines. Owners Mike and Wayne Kerley got into the engine rebuilding business because they are dedicated enthusiasts themselves. They are committed to producing quality results and have set high standards for the shop.