1st photo: Mike Kerley and Wayne Kerley in 1978 at their shop. 2nd photo: Mike Kerley and Wayne Kerley racing against each other at Dragway Park

Active Engines is owned and operated by twin brothers Mike Kerley and Wayne Kerley.

Mike and Wayne have shared a passion for the internal combustion engine from an early age. After high school they both decided to pursue careers in the automotive industry, working at a local engine repair facility. At this time they also began competing at various race tracks.

Active Engines opened its doors in 1978, starting out with an 1,800 square foot facility. Mike and Wayne constituted a modest staff of two.

This didn’t last for long, though. Young though they were, their meticulous work and commitment to excellence spoke for itself. By the end of the first year of operation, Mike and Wayne had developed the business enough to add 4 people to their crew.

By 1981 Mike and Wayne graduated to an even larger facility, adding another 3,000 square feet to their operations, and updating their equipment along the way. At this time the crew consisted of 6 people in addition to themselves.

During this time, Mike and Wayne continued to feed their own racing obsessions. By then they had both become regular participants at Dragway Park, Cayuga, Ontario. They spent any free time they had working on their own race cars and then raced on the weekends. They competed in races too numerous to mention, and in the process became well-established in racing circles.

However, even more exciting for Mike and Wayne was the thrill of seeing their customers succeed. Mike and Wayne proudly watched as many of their customers competed and won in all forms of motor sports.

Recognition and Expansion

The public profile of Active Engines grew further in the mid-1980’s when Active Engines became the feature engine builder for TV shows Classic Car Restoration, Dream Car Garage, and Sports Car Revolution.

Current Active Engines Toronto area location

In 1996 Active Engines expanded once again, and moved to its current location, a 14,000 square foot facility on the border of Mississauga and Oakville, Ontario. Among other things the shop boasts computerized equipment, including both chassis and engine dyno testing.

Now with more than 30 years experience in the engine rebuilding business, time has not diminished Mike or Wayne’s enthusiasm for motor sport. They continue to provide expert guidance and service to land and marine enthusiasts, both locally and abroad. Active Engines is now considered by many to be the top engine rebuilding company in Canada.

Mike and Wayne attribute their success to 3 factors:

  • Listening to their customers needs
  • Honesty and trust
  • Passion for excellence